As the second largest city in Michigan State, Grand Rapids has many perks for any construction worker. According to Newsweek Magazine, this fun and historical city is full of opportunities for anyone in the construction industry. For this reason, many laws are in place to handle any construction site accident or related events. This guide explains the legal steps to take in such situations.

Don’t Hesitate to Seek Medical Attention

After a construction accident and you sustain injuries, the first step should be seeking proper medical attention. You can provide first aid for minor injuries as you call and wait for paramedics to arrive. It is crucial to have a doctor or any medical practitioner assess the injuries and their extent, even for minor injuries. You or any other person may have sustained life-threatening injuries, hence the need for a professional assessment.

Report the Accident

It is easier to forget or avoid reporting a construction site accident to the police or other supervisory authorities. If you have reason to believe poor safety practices or other factors caused the accident, ensure you report the incident. Look for a reputable Grand Rapids construction accident lawyer to help you report and file a lawsuit and justice in the long run.

Gather Information

Besides notifying your employer and the authorities about the accident, ensure you gather viable information and evidence. Before taking further steps, you need witness contact information, videos or photographs of the accident scene, and medical records. Ensure you gather as much information about the construction site accident if you intend to file a lawsuit against the management. Let your lawyer have copies of the information gathered and evidence for protection, preservation, and presentation.

Look for a Construction Accident Lawyer

After reporting the accident to the authorities, you need proper legal guidance to proceed. This is where having a construction accident lawyer is paramount. You need an experienced lawyer to guide you before deciding on the best option. The lawyer will help you decide between filing a personal injury claim or a worker’s compensation claim depending on the nature of the accident. Use referrals to find and work with the best construction accident lawyer effortlessly.

Keep Medical Records

Most construction accidents occur and their extent manifest later after the incident. You might start feeling the impact of the accidents months or even years later. For this reason, seeking medical attention after an accident should not be enough. Ensure you properly keep the medical records and present them whenever needed. Note that after filing your lawsuit, it might take longer than expected to get compensated for the injuries sustained. Medical records and evidence help you easily contest your case before the court.

Preserve the Accident Scene and Evidence

Getting overwhelmed is possible between seeking medical attention and preserving the accident scene. Follow an emergency response plan outlined by the management, as this will help you preserve the accident scene until the police arrive as you seek medical attention. Preserving the accident scene is crucial to enable investigation and analysis of the events before you take further steps, including contacting your lawyer.

 File a Construction Accident Lawsuit

Filing a construction site accident lawsuit is one way to get help and justice. In most cases, accident victims lack an avenue to get help or the attention of their employers. By filing a lawsuit, you get a platform to state your case and ensure the party responsible pays for the hurt and damage caused to your life. You increase success chances by working with a lawyer when filing a lawsuit.

After a construction site accident in Grand Rapids, making swift decisions as the victim is crucial. Besides seeking medical attention and saving your life, you need to act on ways to get compensated as a worker. By following what the experts say above, you easily achieve your objectives.