Whether you are selling, buying, or otherwise involved in a real estate-related transaction, it is important to have professional legal guidance to navigate what is often a complicated financial transaction. An experienced real estate attorney in Vero Beach can help effectively resolve routine to complex real estate matters/transactions that may include any of the following -

  • Real Estate Transactions or Litigation.
  • Short Sales.
  • Title Disputes/Issues.
  • Loan Modifications.
  • Tax Deeds.
  • Foreclosure Defense, among others.

A Real Estate Attorney in Vero Beach Protects Your Interests From Contract to Closing

Florida real estate laws and regulations governing residential and commercial property rules are complex – especially if you lack experience or training. These are just a few of the ways a real estate attorney in Vero Beach can assist you in a real estate matter -

Review the Contract of Sale Before Signing

Real estate transactions in Vero Beach, FL, require sellers and buyers to sign a legally-binding contract of sale, which delineates the terms of the contract/obligations of each party. Because there are legal consequences for failing to comply with the terms of a signed contract, it is essential that a real estate attorney in Vero Beach review and approve the contract’s language and intent before you commit to the terms.

Attend Real Estate Closings

Closings are where the transaction is completed. Until the closing docs are signed, the transaction is not yet finalized, and ownership has not passed to the buyer from the seller. However, there are very specific conditions that must be met to even get to closing, which, if they fail to be met, may delay your closing.  

Short Sales

A short sale refers to a type of real estate transaction where the property is sold for an amount that is not sufficient to cover the mortgage balance. The lender must agree to accept less for the transaction to proceed. While once uncommon, short sales have become more mainstream in Florida and all states. In addition, a Vero Beach attorney can help the buyers in a short sale transaction.


Foreclosures are homes being sold to an investor/third party after (or just prior to) when a lender takes legal title to a property because the mortgagee has defaulted on their payment. Buyers would benefit from the legal guidance from a real estate attorney in Vero Beach when navigating a foreclosure purchase.

Foreclosure Defense

When the bank starts foreclosure proceedings, it must file a Lis Pendens ­ which is a Latin phrase that translates to –a formal notice of a pending legal action. A Lis Pendens refers to a legal notification that is provided to the owner (and any other person or entity who may have a future interest in the property) that the bank is going to take action against the property for non-payment of an outstanding lien. If you are in this situation and want to try to save your home, you should contact a real estate attorney who has experience dealing with foreclosure defenses. Carlos M. Amor may have the legal tools to help you stay in your home, either by negotiating a deal with the lender or by helping you file bankruptcy as a means to help reset your financial world.

The Bottom Line

Real estate is complex and often represents one of the largest transactions of one’s life. Hiring a seasoned Vero Beach real estate Attorney provides the necessary protection and legal representation in a real estate purchase, title issue, conflict, or management of investment properties.