Some kiosks offer a fast and convenient way to recycle cell phones. They use artificial intelligence to differentiate devices, determine their value, and then pay the customer based on the device's condition. This helps reduce e-waste and saves natural resources by lessening the demand for raw materials.

Cell phones in landfills can cause health risks by contaminating soil and water. Recycling them can prevent the toxic waste from harming our environment.


The average American upgrades their phone every 18 months, but less than 20 percent of those discarded phones are recycled. Instead, many end up cluttering desk drawers or entering landfills.

Now, what is ecoATM? Kiosks like an EcoATM offer solutions for companies to buy back old cell phones, MP3 players, and tablets for cash. The machines use patented advanced machine vision, electronic diagnostics, and artificial intelligence to evaluate the devices. They also provide features that validate the identity of sellers and help deter crime.

It has a national footprint and has sold over three million smartphones, tablet computers, and MP3 players since its founding in 2008. 

Customer Service

They aim to reduce electronic waste by finding value in gently used devices. They have a network of kiosks across the US that let you trade your old cell phones, MP3 players, and tablets for cash on the spot. These machines also allow consumers to recycle their electronics for free.

They use an automated system to differentiate consumer electronics products and determine their market value. Then, they give customers the option to receive cash or store credit or donate the money to charity.

Their processing warehouse is R2 certified, meaning they follow EPA-approved environmental, health, safety, and security guidelines for recycling electronics. Their team of experts focuses on providing superior customer service and making it easy for people to sell their used devices. They believe their business model is a great way to cultivate an environmentally conscious consumer base.


Consumers upgrade their cell phones every 18 months, yet less than 20 percent are recycled. The rest end up in desk drawers or landfills, contaminating the environment with dangerous elements and materials. Some machine is changing that by offering consumers an easy way to recycle their devices for cash on the spot. Many companies provide a great customer experience; consider reading ecoATM reviews to learn how they can help you.

Each kiosk uses a combination of patented, advanced machine vision and electronic diagnostics to evaluate electronics. It also has a finger scanner that serves as the seller's digital signature, preventing fraud. This system is much more secure than selling your phone on Craigslist or a questionable online phone reseller.

It works collaboratively with law enforcement agencies to track and deter stolen devices and helps police identify suspects. The company also reports all transactions to the police, so it's doubtful that a person could “trick” a kiosk into accepting a stolen device. The company has thousands of booths nationwide, including some at Walmart locations.


An automated kiosk that lets you trade in your old phones, MP3 players, and tablets for cash. It uses artificial intelligence to differentiate the devices and determine a competitive payout, which you can accept or donate. The company also recycles the rest of the device, keeping it out of landfills.

The kiosks are similar to coin-counter machines in many grocery stores and Walmart locations nationwide. 

The company has worked with law enforcement agencies to develop a crime prevention program, including a team of experts that provides security training for employees and customers. In addition, the kiosks are equipped with built-in features that help prevent tampering and unauthorized access to personal information. The company is also certified under ISO 27001, which protects consumer data, financial accounting, employee information, and third-party information.